Listen: NPR Tiny Desk Concert 2019, "Old" 

(Words and music by Kim Lane, all rights reserved.) 

Listen: Radio spot supporting new original songs and The Marathon Years release

Thanks to WHUPfm for a fun, wide-ranging radio interview that features some work from The Marathon Years and some original songs.

Featuring Adam Anderson and Kim Lane, 8.31.18

Listen: Guest Radio Host

Every now & again, one of the esteemed Pass the Hat hosts ditches town, but not before shooting me a text to sit in with the guests. I have regularly hosted music and arts events for years; it is one of the most enjoyable jobs I have, getting to shine light on the abundance of talent throughout North Carolina and beyond.

(From "Pass the Hat," WHUP-FM, in Hillsborough, NC.)

Featuring BigDumbHick Jeff Wall and John Howie, Jr., 12.18.18

Featuring The Yardarm and Bryan Toney, 3.15.19

Five Miles Becomes a Part, Not the Whole - Kim Lane (with background tracks by John Stevens)
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Listen: Performance Poet

I have been a performance poet for most of my adult life. This is a selection from the audiobook release of my latest collection, The Marathon Years

Download EPK in .PDF.

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Download technical specs.